Warning: This story is for mature audiences and contains sexual content that may not be appropriate for some readers.

Years ago, I met a beautiful girl online. She was so gorgeous that I had a hard time believing that someone as hot as her would ever like someone like me. We expressed interest in each other and would spend many days and nights webcamming and talking.

Although we were both interested in each other, we never officially dated. She often expressed how she wanted us to be a couple, but I wasn’t a big fan of a long-distance relationship, and I felt that I couldn’t trust her because of the distance.

As time went on, we both got to know each other better. She knew everything about my past, and I learned about hers. From our conversations, I also learned that she wasn’t the brightest and would often say things that annoyed me. Sometimes, it felt like she didn’t have any common sense.

One night, while we were webcamming, we stumbled upon the topic of sex and who we lost our virginity to. She was hesitant at first but told me that if I told her about my first time, she would afterward.

After I was done, I reminded her that it was her turn to tell me her ‘How I lost my virginity story.’ I could see that she was still hesitant and asked what was wrong. She replied and said to me that she was really embarrassed about it and didn’t want me not to like her afterward.

After she said that, I assured her I wouldn’t judge her for her past. A couple of seconds passed, and she finally spilled the bean.

This is the story of her ex-boyfriend and her.

They have been dating online for about a week, and he asked her to visit him in Minnesota. She lived about 7 hours away and told him it was too long of a drive, but he insisted until she finally gave in. He had promised her that she could stay with him for a couple of days while she was there. She packed her bags and made the drive to see him.

When she got there, the first thing he wanted to do was have sex. He made her pick him up, and they drove to a park where she stripped down in the back of her car, and he fucked her.

She told me that it was excruciatingly painful, but she bit her tongue for him. She also mentioned that he wasn’t friendly and didn’t seem to care if he was hurting her or not.

At this point, I was mind-blown by this story and how dumb she was. I couldn’t resist asking why she would let a guy she just met online for a week take her virginity, and she replied that she really loved the guy.

Hearing this was a deal breaker since I was now even more convinced she was dumb. Everything that I thought we had going for us vanished into thin air. Then, I made the mistake of asking what happened afterward.

She went on and told me that he decided to break up with her shortly after when she returned from visiting him. His excuse was that he wasn’t feeling the long-distance relationship, but she knew that wasn’t the case.

At this point in the story, she gets angry and raises her voice. I could see the anger on her face and felt a bit rattled by her facial expressions.

Apparently, they had gone to a house party with his friends when she visited. She was the only girl there, and all of his friends were trying to get her drunk and get into her pants. She informed her boyfriend of what was happening, and to her surprise, he asked her if she was okay with letting his friends get a turn too.

At first, she told him no way, but he somehow convinced her that if she did it, he would still love her no matter what. She thought for a moment before finally saying okay. Her boyfriend then went and told his friends that she, his girlfriend was cool as fuck and that she was down to let them get a turn too.

They took her into the room and stripped her naked while she lay on the bed. She felt embarrassed that so many people were watching and touching her that she kept her eyes shut.

As the friends took turns fucking her, her boyfriend was nearby, telling everyone how cool and down she was, which made her feel good.

When everyone was done, her boyfriend quickly reminded her that he still loved her and praised her for doing what she did. They left the party, and she stayed with him for another day before heading back home.

After coming home, every time she called her boyfriend, he would make excuses not to talk to her. Eventually, he stopped picking up her calls and ended their relationship with a breakup text.

After hearing her story, I couldn’t find myself to be her friend anymore. I felt disgusted and bad for her, so I decided that it was best if we both went our separate ways. You can say I pulled the same move on her as her ex-boyfriend. I’m not going to lie; to this day, I still haven’t met anyone as dumb as her. I do hope she’s okay though.

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