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by Katherine Donlevy

(Minnesota) A 12-year-old Minnesota boy was fatally shot in the head by his uncle during a hunting trip mishap, cops said.

Jeremy Her of St. Paul was hit by gunfire from his 47-year-old uncle Monday morning while they were hunting for squirrels in Moose Lake Township, about 100 miles from their home, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office said.

The boy was shot right behind his left ear and was struck in his spinal cord, his sister Salina Her wrote in a GoFundMe. Jeremy was pronounced brain-dead upon arrival at the hospital and was put on life support, family said.

His parents decided to pull the plug about 13 hours after he was shot, Salina said.

“He is a happy boy who loved his family and friends and is willing to do anything to make them happy. He’s never afraid to try new things and never says no unless he’s playing games with his friends. He enjoys fixing bikes and joining my dad in fixing cars in the driveway,” Salina wrote.

“We kept hoping that maybe this was a dream and we’ll wake up from it all but his presence is missed, we miss his voice and his laughter.”

The Her family is raising funds for Jeremy’s funeral.

Police said the shooting was likely an accident, but are still investigating.

(Source: New York Post)

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