By Brad Williams

FILE – Entrance to Milestone Material quarry on County M, north of West Salem, where three bodies were found shot to death back in July of 2021. (PHOTO: Rick Solem)

One of the suspects in a La Crosse County triple-murder may have a shorter trial than previously expected.


Nya Thao’s homicide trial in June is now scheduled to run two weeks instead of three. The trial is set to begin June 12th before Judge Elliott Levine.

Thao and Khamthaneth Rattanasack are accused of killing three men — Peng Lor, Nemo Yang, and Trevor Maloney — outside the Milestone Materials quarry near West Salem in July of 2021.

Prosecutors claim one victim owed $600 to Rattanasack, whose trial has not been scheduled yet. His defense attorney is still lining up witnesses.

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