Warning: This story is for mature audiences and contains sexual content that may not be appropriate for some readers.

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost five years when I found out that he cheated on me. This surprised me because I thought everything was going well since we rarely fought or argued. 

His family owns a restaurant, and he often spends most of his time working there. He was a workaholic but nevertheless found time to visit me at least two to three times a week. 

For the past couple of visits, he’s been super clingy to his phone and would keep it on him wherever he went. This was super suspicious because he usually doesn’t care about his phone and would typically just leave it lying around. Besides, he doesn’t have many friends, and no one ever contacts him besides his family.

Due to his strange behavior, I became super suspicious of him and wanted access to his phone. But because he always had his phone on him, I knew I couldn’t get access to it without asking him directly. 

One day, while he was visiting, I finally decided to confront him and asked to look at his phone. My suspicion grew even more when he started pushing back and arguing with me. I straight up asked him if he was cheating on me or talking to someone else, and he freaked out and yelled, “ARE YOU ACCUSING ME OF CHEATING!? WHY DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY PHONE SO BAD!?” I kindly responded and told him about my observation of him lately. That didn’t sit well with him, and he soon stormed out of the room and left.

I quickly texted him to come back and apologized. About fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on my door, and he returned and apologized. He told me he was very sorry and had been stressing out a lot lately due to work before handing me his phone. Even though deep down inside, I wanted to open and view it, I told him it was ok and dropped the topic. 

After this incident, he didn’t visit me for two weeks. I called and asked him to come, but he insisted he was extremely busy with work. At this point, my suspicion of him was off the roof, and I decided to investigate this myself.

I would text him and ask him to come visit me. If he told me he was busy with work, I would then drive down to his workplace to see if he was really there. For the first three days of “him being busy,” he was actually working like he said. It wasn’t until the fourth day that I caught him lying. 

Since he wasn’t at work that day, I drove over to his house to see if his car was there. When I got there, it was nowhere to be found. I drove back to his workplace to check again to ensure he wasn’t at work. Sure enough, his car wasn’t there. At this point, I knew I had caught him lying to me.

I was so angry my head felt like it was spinning around in circles. After a moment of calming myself down, I texted my boyfriend, telling him that I was heading over to his workplace because I hadn’t seen him in a while and I missed him. 

He responded back instantly to let me know that they were extremely busy, and he wouldn’t have time to spend with me if I came. I responded and told him I didn’t care as long as I was close to him. I waited a couple of minutes for a reply, but he didn’t text back. I followed up with a text message saying, “I’ll see you in thirty minutes.”

At this point, I knew that I’d caught him! Now, it was just a matter of waiting to see if he would come to his workplace. About ten minutes later, sure enough, I saw him pull up to park in his usual parking space before heading inside the restaurant. I waited another twenty minutes before driving across the street to park beside his car. As I got out, I peeked inside his vehicle to see if there was any evidence of other girls; I noticed that he had left his phone in the car. I quickly checked to see if his door was locked, and luckily for me, the driver’s door wasn’t. I grabbed his phone and quickly got back into my car.

My hands were shaking as I held onto his cell phone. I knew my time was minimal, so I quickly unlocked his phone and started searching for any evidence of him cheating. I hastily checked his Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and messages but found nothing. I thought to myself, “He probably has already deleted the messages!” Disappointed, I got out of the car and returned to his car to put his phone back. Just as I was about to put his phone back, the phone vibrated. It was a new text message from an unsaved number. I saw the preview of the message, and someone had texted, “I’ll see you later then.” 

My heart dropped, and that text message just validated my suspicions of him. He has been talking to someone else, which is why he hasn’t had time for me. I put his phone back, got in my car, and left.

I drove off, stopped by a park, and just started crying. Ten minutes later, he texted me, asking where I was. I lied and told him that my mother needed my help so I couldn’t come. 

After that day, I just wasn’t the same anymore. Deep down inside of me, I wanted to hurt him like how he hurt me, but how? I thought about maybe trying to fuck one of his friends or even his brother because before we started dating, I knew they liked me. But no matter what, I knew it would never happen because that wasn’t me.

Soon after, my boyfriend started visiting again, but it felt different. It seemed like he was only visiting me for sex since as soon as we were done, he would leave after. At this point, I’ll admit that my feelings for him were gradually fading. I’ll confess that I started flirting with guys online behind his back. I guess you can say I became depressed, too. Due to my depression, one way that I coped was by going to house parties and getting shit-faced with my friends.

One night, my friends and I ended up at a house party with a bunch of guys we had met at the club. I was intoxicated, but I was still able to function. My boyfriend and I had been arguing through text messages most of the night because he wanted me to come home, but I refused. Everyone at the house party could see that I was upset, and some of the guys tried to cheer me up. We ended up drinking some more shots, and before I knew it, I was really intoxicated. 

I jumped into the middle of the living room, grabbed two of the guys, and pulled them to dance with me. One of the guys quickly got up behind me and wrapped his arms around me while the other guy just left. Soon after, everyone left the living room, and it was just me and this stranger alone. We embraced each other while dancing, and he kept asking me if I was feeling better and told me to forget about my boyfriend for the night. 

Before I knew it, he moved his hands from my waist area down to my butt. He was gently rubbing it, and I’ll admit it made me feel pretty good, but I was embarrassed and asked him to stop. He apologized and moved his hands back to my waist.

Feeling another guy’s touch, especially where he was rubbing, made me horny and wet. After a moment of dancing, he grabbed my butt again, but this time I didn’t stop him. He noticed that I didn’t ask him to stop and made the bold move to lift up my dress, then proceeded to squeeze my butt cheeks with both his hands. 

The alcohol was really kicking in, and I could barely stand up. He kindly asked me if I wanted to go lay down on the bed. I knew that if I said yes, then something was going to happen between him and me, so I told him I was okay. He sat me down on the sofa and offered me some water. He informed me he was going to check up on his friends and would be right back before leaving the room. I decided to just close my eyes and relax for a moment.

Soon after, I felt someone grabbing my shoulder, and I opened my eyes to check to see who it was. It was one of my friends, and she told me that my boyfriend had been blowing up my phone with calls and text messages. Upon hearing this, it made me angry and ruined my mood again.

The guy came back a couple of minutes later to check up on me and noticed that I was upset again. According to him, I kept asking for more shots because I was pissed off. He eventually calmed me down and took me into the room with him. 

I kept asking for more shots, but instead, he laid me down on the bed and started kissing me. Before I knew it, he had pulled my dress up and was on top of me. He stuck his hand underneath my underwear and started rubbing between my legs. I knew it was wrong, but fuck it, I was drunk, angry, and also horny. He pulled off my underwear, spread my legs, and unzipped his zipper. A couple of seconds later, I could feel him rubbing it on me and telling me I was very wet before pushing it in me.

He pushed himself deep inside before throwing himself on top of me. One of his hands was busy groping my breasts, and the other held both of my hands above my head. I did my best not to moan, but with every thrust, something would escape from my mouth.

As we were having sex, I could hear my friends and his friends knocking on the door, asking what we were doing, and trying to get into the room. Afraid of getting caught, I asked if he could hurry up, and he responded by doing it so rough and fast that I am one hundred percent positive everyone knew we were having sex due to my uncontrollable moaning. 

I knew he was getting close to finishing because I could feel him getting extremely hard inside me. He firmly squeezed me as if his life depended on it before giving me his final hard thrusts and finishing inside of me. 

After he was done, we dressed and lay in bed, holding each other, and I soon fell asleep. 

The next day, I stopped by Walgreens before heading home and purchased Plan B. I decided to check my phone and saw all the messages that my boyfriend had left me. I felt guilty for what I did but somehow convinced myself that I shouldn’t because he cheated on me first.

Fast-forward: My boyfriend and I ended up getting married two months later because I got pregnant. I never told him about the incident, and my friends promised never to mention it. My daughter is now two, and my husband wants another baby. I want to have another baby also, but I’m scared. Back then, I was convinced that the morning-after pill did its job, but as my daughter gets older, I now doubt that it’s my husband’s child. I’m afraid that if we have another child, my husband might notice the difference and confront me about it. I don’t want to lose him and throw away everything we have now.

Oh, by the way, he didn’t cheat on me. On that day, they were really busy at work, and his dad had asked him to go run some errands for him, which is why he wasn’t at work. I also found out later that the unsaved cellphone number was just one of his friends. He was planning to propose to me and has been secretly seeking advice from his friends on what to do. That was why he didn’t want me to have access to his phone. 

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