(St Paul. MN) When I was still in my teens, my grandma got very sick and ended up at the hospital. My parents, along with my siblings and I, would often go to visit and stay with her. Usually, one of us would stay behind with my grandma to keep her company so she wouldn’t get scared.

On the day that this strange event occurred, I spent most of my evening and night with my grandma and needed to return home to rest up for school the next day. My mom came to pick me up, and as we were leaving, I noticed a man who was in his hospital gown covered in bandages walking by himself in the empty hallway. He was walking very slowly but soon disappeared around the corner. After he disappeared, I remember looking at my mom and saying in Hmong, “That guy was creepy.” My mom looked at me with a blank stare and didn’t say anything.

As we were leaving the hospital parking lot, I couldn’t help but wonder about the man I’d seen earlier. There was something about him that just didn’t feel right, and it bothered me. 

We drove further away from the hospital and ended up three or four blocks away at a stop light. While we were stopped, I noticed a person in the distance. He was standing in the dark, but I could see him near the sidewalk.

As our car approached the figure, I noticed my mom stepping on the gas to speed up. As we passed this person, I noticed that it was the same man who had been walking in the hallway earlier! His back was turned, so I couldn’t see his face, but he was waving one of his hands up as if he were saying hi to us. 

After we passed him, I asked my mom if she had seen the guy and if she thought it was the same person from the hospital. She lectured me a bit and told me to be quiet before telling me it was just a crazy man.

I remember thinking, if it was just a crazy man, how did he get there so fast from the hospital? He was even faster than us, and we were in a car!

Also, why was he waving his hand up in the air? So many questions that I guess I will never know the answers to. 

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