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This story happened long ago in California during a family camping trip. I don’t recall all the details of the incident, but I will share what I do remember.

Earlier that day, my uncle and cousin left the campsite in their truck to go hunting. I recalled that they were deer hunting and thought they would have a better chance if they were further away from the campsite, where there would be less noise.

They drove for over thirty minutes before getting out of their truck to hunt. My uncle and cousin decided it was best to separate and head in different directions to cover more ground to better their chances of seeing a deer.

A couple of hours passed, and I was playing around the campfire with the other kids when I suddenly heard my grandparents and parents panicking and yelling at the top of their lungs. It was the very familiar cries of panic, and I knew right away that something horrible had happened.

My uncle had rushed back to the campsite in his truck and was covered in blood. He yelled for my relatives to call 911 right away as he ran to the passenger side of the truck and pulled my cousin out.

My uncle carefully threw my cousin on his back and marched to where we were. They were both drenched in blood as they headed toward us. I can see how exhausted and terrified my uncle was when he finally laid his son down on the ground next to everyone.

Everyone rushed over to them and began to ask what had happened. There was blood gushing out of my cousin’s torso as everyone tried to stop the bleeding.

Luckily for my cousin, he survived because my uncle got him back to camp, where we were able to call for help due to the campsite having cellphone service. We were also about 30 minutes away from the nearest city, and if we had attempted to drive my cousin to the hospital instead of him getting airlifted, my cousin would have died, according to the doctors.

When the helicopter arrived, my cousin was quickly airlifted from our camp to the nearest hospital.

After my cousin was airlifted away, the ranger came and interviewed my uncle to get a better understanding of what had happened. My uncle told the ranger that it was an accident, and he thought he was shooting a deer. After interviewing my uncle and family, the ranger concluded his investigation and left the campsite. Weirdly enough, my uncle left out a part that I thought was important.

Before the ranger came to our campsite, my uncle had told everyone what had happened and how my cousin got shot.

He told us that after driving for a while, he and his son stopped and decided to hunt on foot. They both separated and went in different directions to cover more ground.

After walking in the forest for a few minutes, my uncle encountered a deer in the distance. The deer was far away, so he could only see it through his rifle scope.

Oddly, looking through his rifle scope, he noticed that the deer was standing on its two hind legs and was grabbing leaves off a tree branch with its two front legs.

Fearing that he would miss the opportunity to shoot it, he pointed his rifle at the deer’s abdomen. A shot rang out, and it was a direct hit.

My uncle walked over to the spot where he shot the deer and saw a trail of blood moving away from the location. He slowly followed the trail, expecting to find a deer, but instead found his son lying on the ground covered in blood.

My cousin had been shot somewhere around his torso area and was lying on the ground. My uncle rushed over to my cousin to figure out what happened.

My cousin was bleeding out, and my uncle feared for the worst. Left with few options, my uncle decided that to save his son’s life; they needed to get back to camp to call for help as soon as possible. He picked my cousin up, threw him on his back, and started heading towards his truck.

Once they got to the truck, my uncle tended to my cousin’s wound and did his best to slow down the bleeding before rushing back to camp, my uncle concluded.

By the time my cousin was airlifted to the nearest hospital, he had lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion, which saved his life. He spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, and when he finally recovered from his injury, he recalled the incident and told everyone that it was an accident.

My cousin strongly believed in the supernatural world and recalled hearing stories of dab morphing people to look like animals so that other hunters would shoot them. He and my uncle both firmly believe that was what happened that day.

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