It was getting late, and my whole family was preparing for bed. My mom had asked me to head to the kitchen to fill a few milk bottles and put them in a cooler for my baby brother.

Our kitchen has a massive window with a view of our balcony and backyard. Our kitchen table was located right in front of this window.
As I was filling the milk bottles on the kitchen table, I saw something quickly walk past the window from the corner of my eye. Of course, I couldn’t see it clearly, but I can confidently say I saw something.

I ignored it, told myself that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, and continued filling the bottles with milk. But, even though I was ignoring it, something about it didn’t feel right, making me a bit paranoid.

Due to this uneasy feeling, I decided to look out the window from where I was standing to reassure myself that there was really nothing out there.

I stood there for a moment and waited for something to happen. I expected that whatever it was would walk past the window again.

After about 30 seconds and nothing happened, I packed the bottles into the cooler and put the gallon of milk back in the refrigerator.

When I returned to the kitchen table to grab the cooler, I decided to look outside the window. Again, something just didn’t feel right.

A shadowy tall man wearing a long coat and a cattleman hat walked right passed the window and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

I was so scared that I grabbed the cooler and jetted out of the kitchen as fast as possible.

I ran upstairs and told my parents what had just happened, and they both told me it was nothing. But I knew it wasn’t just nothing because I’d seen this figure before. It was the exact figure I saw that one rainy night inside my room. The exact figure I would continue to see multiple more times to come.

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