By HmongTales Staff

This is a story about a conversation I overheard with two customers while working in retail.

It started just like any other work day. I got to work, clocked in, and started pushing out my backstock. When I got to pushing the OTC backstock by the pharmacy area, I overheard a couple talking about the price of their prescription drug.

The wife was nagging the husband about how expensive the drugs were, and the husband told her that his health was more important than money. She kept nagging about the cost, and he finally replied, “Is the d**k hard? Huh, is the d**k hard for you?” She was quiet but eventually replied softly with a long “Yes.” He started chuckling, “That’s what I thought. See, you want me to be healthy.”

After hearing that, I couldn’t stop laughing inside of my head! Her facial expression was priceless!

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