A friend shared a wild story about an incident he experienced one night while we were all getting ready to go out. He told me he couldn’t believe how someone he knows got drunk and fell asleep while pooping when they went to a club. Little did he know karma was staring him right in the face because it turned out to be an interesting night.

If I remember correctly, it was someone’s birthday, and we were all pregaming at my friend Adam’s apartment before heading out to the bar. While we were all taking shots, one of my buddies, Meng, told us a story about a friend. Meng hilariously asked, “How the hell do you get so drunk to the point that you fall asleep while taking a dump in the bathroom stall?” We all laughed at the story because, realistically, that was something none of us had ever experienced. We continued with our pregaming and eventually headed out.

When we returned to the apartment, we started the afterparty, which consisted of more drinking and, you guessed it, more drinking. Everyone was having a good time, and for the most part, everyone was pretty wasted.

A few hours later, we noticed that Meng was missing. We searched the apartment for him and quickly realized he might be in the restroom. The door was locked, and the light was on. We knocked on the door multiple times, but he didn’t answer. We couldn’t open the door because my friend, Adam, had misplaced the key. We were concerned that Meng might have passed out on the floor, so one of my friends, Lisa, decided she would picklock the doorknob.

After an hour of lockpicking, Lisa finally unlocked the doorknob and opened the door. I quickly noticed my friend Meng sitting on the toilet with his pants down, one elbow on his leg, propping up his slumped head. I promptly closed the door, walked over, and woke him up. Surprisingly, he got up immediately, quickly wiped his butt, and flushed the toilet. Then, he asked me what was going on. I laughed hysterically and informed him that he had fallen asleep for the last hour or so while taking a dump.

The moral of the story is don’t make fun of people because karma will always get you.

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