This story took place around the year 2016 or 2017. During this time, I was in a relationship with my now ex-boyfriend. He was from out of town and lived two hours away. One night, we both planned for him to visit me and hang out with my guy cousins while I stayed behind for a girl’s night out. Afterward, I was supposed to return with him back to his place to finish off the night. He agreed to the plan and made the drive to see me.

When he arrived, the guys decided to go to the strip club. While out with my cousins, my ex-boyfriend became very moody. He was texting me non-stop, telling me how he regretted coming out. He began demanding that we should break up and told me he wanted to kill himself. Due to his bad attitude and text messages, he ruined my night with the girls as I sat there wondering why he couldn’t just chill out and have fun.

As the night progressed, he flooded my phone with negative text messages, making me worry. I texted his younger brother and my cousins to keep an eye on him to ensure he didn’t do anything stupid. They assured me that he was fine and told me not to worry. After hearing this, I decided to put my phone on vibrate. I didn’t want to read his text messages anymore and hoped he would stop bothering me if I stopped replying.

Unfortunately, before the night ended, we both got into an argument when they returned from the strip club. While we were arguing, I began to cry because I was done with his ass freaking out and giving me a hard time. My friends eventually intervened and tried to calm us down. After everything settled down, I left with him back to his place as planned.

During the car ride to his place, he continued talking about what happened that night, how he regrets coming out, and whatnot. When we finally arrived at his house, I was exhausted, so we both washed up and called it a night.

At around 4 or 5 in the morning, I was suddenly awoken by someone screaming and panicking. I quickly turned to my ex-boyfriend and noticed that it was him. I quickly grabbed onto his shoulder and woke him up.

After waking up, he stared at his bedroom door momentarily before looking at me. I asked him if anything was wrong and if he had a nightmare, to which he said he’d tell me later. After that short conversation, we both went back to sleep.

Later that day, at around 11 a.m. or noon, I asked him what had happened earlier that morning. He told me he dreamt of seeing a woman dressed in Hmong clothes standing at the end of the hallway, staring at him from afar. However, he couldn’t see her face as she walked back and forth at the end of the hallway. So, upon seeing this woman dressed in Hmong clothes, his gut feeling told him that he needed to run to the bedroom and close the door. He ran as fast as he could to his bedroom, and the moment he reached for the door, she came dashing and flying from the end of the hallway. Before he could shut the door, she was right before him, her face inches from his. Upon seeing her face, he was so scared that he began screaming in his dream, and that’s when I woke him up.

After hearing this, I immediately knew that something was off about last night. That was the only explanation for his bad attitude and his suicidal thoughts.

About two weeks later, while sleeping in his room, I also had a scary dream about a woman dressed in Hmong clothes. In my dream, she was staring at the bed and grinning at us while we were asleep. She had long hair, long nails, long skinny fingers, and was hanging from the ceiling. I knew right away that she was poj dab “monster.” I was facing my ex-boyfriend, his eyes wide open as he told me not to turn around. I could sense her crouching behind me, grinning and breathing on the back of my head. When she was ready to pounce on me, I freaked out and suddenly woke up from the dream.

After waking up, I asked my ex-boyfriend if I had said anything or screamed in my sleep, to which he said no. Soon after this incident, he contacted his mom about the dreams and asked if she knew what they meant. She didn’t say much but came and hung red corn around his place. He then asked his grandma about them, and she told him that our ancestors disapproved of us dating, and that’s why we had those dreams.

He ended up cheating on me and eventually married the girl he cheated on me with. Not too long after, his wife went crazy because she apparently had shaman guides.

But even after we broke up, I still have nightmares or nights where I couldn’t sleep because it felt like something was watching and waiting to sit on me.

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